When will I receive the fund?

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In most cases, you should receive money in 48 hours after your payment is confirmed. However, in some cases it may take up to 5 business days due to various E-wallet conditions. For example, banks may review Zelle transfers and it could take a few days. In some case, bank will not release the fund until a few days later. These are normal as banks want to ensure the safety of your fund. Sometimes Zelle transfer imposes transfer/receive limit, which makes Zelle transfer not always successful. Zelle transfer is not as real-time as it seems. Due to this very reason, Swapsy can not guarantee receiving time. However we are consistently improving our system to get your fund sooner. In addition, our support are always here to assist should you encounter any issue.

Here are some tips to improve the speed and success rate of receiving money if you are receiving money via:

1. Zelle, it is critical that you provide us with the correct and up to date information. If you've previously provided us both of your Zelle email and U.S mobile number, only email will be used. If you would like to receive via U.S mobile number, please change it in your wallet: https://swapsy.com/wallet.

2. Alipay, adding name + email/cell + receiving QR code will significantly increase your speed and chances of receiving money. If you already have U.S. mobile number for Alipay, we strongly recommend that you associate an email because U.S. mobile number can be confusing with China mobile number and can sometimes cause incorrect transfer.

3. WeChat, it is critical that you provide us with the up to date QR code if you have not used for at least a month.

Last but not least. When you received the notification(email/text message) that says the funds arrived in your account and actually nothing is received please remember to click "DISPUTE" immediately. Otherwise, the transaction will be automatically confirmed within 18 hours and considered as you received the money.

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