When and How to Raise a Dispute?

It is crucial to raise a Dispute within the time limit, which is in order to protect your funds safety.


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You will be notified through email/text when someone paid to you, please check your account whether you actually have received the correct amount within 18hrs. If you have not received the money or received an incorrect amount, make sure you click the “DISPUTE” button first on Swapsy's website/App and then contact us immediately. Otherwise, the transaction will be confirmed by default and considered as you have received the correct amount. 

If you don't click Dispute in time, Swapsy would not be able to intervene and no further dispute nor funds safety will be guaranteed.

To help you get the money faster, you may receive Multiple Payments as shown above. Only confirm the order for which you actually received the correct amount after checking your e-wallet or bank account. 

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