Using Alipay/WeChat for Payment and Zelle/PayPal for Receiving Money


Last Update 2 years ago

In order to avoid the loss of your funds, there are few things you need to be aware of before making the transaction.

Alipay accounts can be linked to either a Chinese phone number or an American phone number, and those two numbers look quite similar, which making it easy to transfer to the wrong account. 

The difference is that for an Alipay account linked with a US phone number, there will be a " - " symbol in the number, such as 1-XXXXXXXXXX. So please be sure to look at the account information carefully when you are transferring. Swapsy will not be able to guarantee your funds' safety if you send the payment to the wrong account. 

When you are using Wechat to make the payment, please be aware that the QR code you scanning is only for transfer the funds, but not adding friends on WeChat. However, if it requires you to add friend with the other party on WeChat, please stop transferring and contact Swapsy immediately. 


Zelle and PayPal Tips for Swappers

When you are using Zelle/PayPal for receiving money, please make sure you have linked your provided email address/phone number and full name with your Zelle/PayPal account already. And please kindly ask your friend to send $1 to your account to test if it works.

When you are using Zelle to pay, sometimes you get the feedbacks from the bank shows the status is " Pending Review / On Hold ". Please do not worry about this feedback, you can click "I Have Sent" button as long as you have actually paid.

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