How to top up SwapCredit?


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1. Log in

2. Click on “SwapCredit”(red circled area on the bottom left as shown in the picture below)

3. Check your SwapCredit balance and add SwapCredit by clicking “Add SC”

4. Choose the amount you need, choose payment method (Credit/Debit Card, Alipay, or Wechat Pay), and Checkout

Price list

SwapsyCredit Amount Price
1,000 $9.9
2,000 $18.9
5,000 $44.9
20,000 $169.9

> Pay with Credit/Debit Card

> Pay with Alipay

> Pay with Wechat Pay

Please do remember to include the Code during the transaction, and click “Notify Swapsy” afterward.

*Feel free to reach out if you haven't received SwapCredit or have any question about the recharge [email protected]

5. Go back to Swap and enjoy Swapsy!

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