How to change e-wallet information?

I have a pending transaction and current e-wallet is unable to receive fund


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Email us at [email protected] with the new e-wallet information you'd like to use and we will update it for you. 

1. Sending incomplete or incorrect information will result in further delay of your transaction. 

2. QR code that are from screenshots, pictures taken from another phone, or outdated are invalid. QR code must be obtained based on the instructions.

WeChat Pay

For WeChat, please email us the latest QR code(as shown below) or an alternative WeChat Pay QR code that can receive fund.


For Alipay, please email us: 

1. Alipay account holder name

2. email/Chinese cellphone number, (U.S. cellphone number is not accepted as it is can be easily confused with Chinese number, resulting incorrect transfer. How to associate email to Alipay?

3. QR code (as shown below)


For Zelle, please email us: 

1. account holder name

2. email/U.S. cellphone number

3. bank name

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